Gimhae's first official pet animal funeral hall I heaven (Explanation of English)


Gimhae's first official pet animal funeral hall I heaven 


Greetings of Gimhae’s first companion animal funeral parlor - IHAVEN 

I will do my best so that the last moment will be a good memory. 


★ I Have an officially registered as funeral parlor fist in Gyeongsang area and (Pusan, Gimhae).

★ It is a remembrance facility established so that the last ceremony of the family can be solemnly respected.

★ Each private memorial room is prepared for family members to have enough time for mourning.

★A Lucete stone production room equipped with patented items is ready.

★ Facilities for animals only such as cremator and charnel house are prepared. 

★It is a remembrance facility dedicated to companion animals so that family can receive maximum consideration.

★You can arrive at our facility within one hour from anywhere in Gyeongsan area and (Pusan, Gimhae).

★ We will be together for a beautiful farewell ceremony of companion animal and companion family.


A cremator exclusively for animal and a separate observation room provided


In order to care for the sadness of family members, we provide a private facility of a cremator exclusively for animal and a memorial room 

and an observation room where only family members' time is protected.

With burial type cremation facility, we promise you a procedure to confirm 100% of the start to the end of cremation through the 

visiting the process.


Convenient accessibility


For those of you who are sad and lost, the route to I Heaven is more convenient than any other places.

(We are located at a site by the 4th lane of the 58th main road.)


The guardians who use public transportation can use the city bus stop (Mahyun town), which is 100 meters away, or the subway station (8 minutes from the Gaya Univ Station, free pickup service available).



Lucete House (Annex) 

This facility is an annex so that it does not overlap with the funeral parlor of the main building. The Lucete stone production process provides a waiting room or lounge bar for guardians to watch.



A room to remember

It is a private facility for family members who use a charnel house and an independent space equipped with the only skylight in Korea to prepare family members to remember and cherish all the time and moments with their pets beautifully.




* Funeral services and procedures

1. Funeral consultation and reservation: Funeral consultation is available 24 hours a day.

2. Memorial procedure: A pet animal funeral advisor will help you with your family in funeral order.

3. Cremation procedure: It is a facility where family members can visit the cremator exclusively for animals through separate observation facility.

4. Lucete stone: In an independent Lucete house, family members can observe the production process. 

5. Charnel house: It is a facility equipped with controls of the front skylight and temperature and humidity of the building.


* A room to remember: We have a private VIP room as a private space for family members visiting the charnel house.

* A private family charnel house which can accommodate one family's companion animal is ready.


The way to I heaven

By automobiles


 1) Busan (30 minutes), Yangsan (20 minutes), Ulsan (50 minutes): Kwanjae IC à 58th route (10 minutes)

     2) Daegu, Gyeongsan (50 minutes) : Samryangjin IC à 58th route (10 minutes)

     3) Changwon, Masan, Jinhae (40 minutes): 58th route 


By public transportation

City Bus

Take bus 60 or 61 to get off at Mahyun Village. 100m walk


Intercity Bus

Get off at Gimhae Passenger Terminal. Move to ‘Gaya Univ. Station’ by subway.

Take bus 60 or 61 to get off at Mahyun Village. 100m walk



Get off at Gaya Univ. Station of Gimhae Light Rail. 

Take bus 60 or 61 to get off at Mahyun Village. 100m walk

(10 minutes drive from Gaya Univ. Station, free pick up service from Gaya Univ. 

Station available by reservations)